Birthday Week

Hey! Flower beds are complete!! (Yay). I mean it’s only taken 2 years. ( ugh). This week I have spent a lot of time watching my ALMOST 5 year old do everything. ( literally) I just can’t believe she is turning 5. We got her at not quite 3.5. Last year I didn’t get to just focus on her because we had a house FULL. Although, I’v been a little sad because my house isn’t crazy busy with all the excitement of birthday month. I am enjoying this time to just focus on our Almost 5 year old. She is a total type A child with a whole lot of spice. I often find myself caught up in a daze. I can’t believe we are actually adopting, I can’t believe God has chosen us to be her parents, I can’t believe we are what she needs. You know all the feelings and emotions of this journey is no joke. It’s not all HAPPY, FUN and Glorious. It’s been almost 2 years since she’s been placed with us. 2 years of gaining her trust, home visits, dr appointments, therapy and just learning all about this beautiful child of God. This morning was extra special for us because…… while getting ready in the mornings my kids all of them are normally under foot. While blow drying my hair each day I normally have at least one sometimes 2 kids under me getting momma hugs and soaking up that heat. Its just kind of been our thing ( everyone has that weird thing). This morning Braeden had already left for work, Emma was at a friends house and so it was just our ALMOST 5 year old and I. Just like the other ones she came and snuggled up next to me while blow drying my hair. I looked in the mirror and My heart just filled with JOY. I just stood there and Prayed to God. I pray that I can be everything and More to this precious gift he has given me. I am not sure if she’s seen the others doing this or if she just thought momma needs a hug while getting ready. But, it took me back to the very first time Bristen and Braeden snuggled under my blow dryer. They were also about 4 and 5 when Justin and I married. The last week before Bristen moved out He was passing through the bathroom and stopped one last time at the hair dryer and said ” put that heat on my back”. I knew then that was probably the last time we would ever share that moment together. His wife one day is gonna have to deal with him always wanting the blow dry on his back while she’s trying to get ready. ( sorry). I know, sometime I take being a mommy for granted. I know, I have made my fair share of mistakes. But…. my kids are truly my WORLD!!! ( not sure why I felt like that needed to be added). Back to our Almost 5 year old. Sunday we are having a Moana party. She wanted a princess party I wanted a summer beach party so we met in the middle. ( we have all winter babies). So, I am digging this middle of the summer Birthday!!! All of our family will come and celebrate with us. I can’t wait to see the excitement and joy in her eyes. Then I will spend a week bringing her back down to reality. ( you know how they get after being spoiled). This will be her first year to ever have her own party so it’s a big deal!!! We will have all the things. Like, my husband says they only turn 5 once. ( he’s a sucker ). I pray you all have a blessed weekend!

P.s I figures out how to add pictures.


Finally Friday !!

Good Morning!! It’s finally Friday, this week has been the longest week all summer. Mostly because we didn’t have any plans. Justin and I just been working on the house. We moved to the ranch in October of 2017. 2 weeks before we got little miss and her brothers. So, you can only imagine how rushed and unorganized we were. I mean, it wasn’t horrible but not how I imagined moving. Before we moved we lived in a tiny little farm house on our property. God, knew we were gonna need something bigger to do his work. In April of 2017 we meet with contractors on the ranch to remodel. That very same day our son was in an ATV accident. What was the happiest day turned into the worst in a matter of minutes. Our sons best friend lost his life. As Justin and I laid in bed that same night we were so scared, lost and confused. We weren’t even sure how we would move forward. What happens next? Well, we prayed and prayed. With our Faith and Gods grace we were able to continue on with life. Contractors started on our new home. We became excited again about our next chapter in life. Our kids were smiling and life just seemed to be on track. Little did we know that with this new house was going to come 3 little kids. Meaning we would have 6 kids in our home. 6 kids to love!!! We started all the paperwork and process of taking in the little tots. It was supposed to be for 6 months tops. Well, it turned into 14 months. In January of 2019 the boys moved out to go with their forever family. Turns out to be one of my very close friend and her husband. Our oldest moved out in June of 2019. Talking about an emotional roller coaster. This momma was hurting! For the first time ever I had experience depression. Yep, I believe it’s real now and it hurts. I woke up one day and had enough. All this was God’s plan and i wanted him to make me feel better. I walked into my office and hit my knees. I prayed cried and let some anger out. ( thankfully I am the only one here in the mornings). I begged him to make me whole again. I still have 3 kids at home who need me. Please!!! I need to be their momma still. That next day I woke up and finally felt good again. (I still need work) See what happened was I forgot to turn to him. I forgot he was going to be the one to carry my through this storm. I was trying to do it on my own and I couldn’t. I needed him!! So, here we are almost 5 months with the little boys gone and 1 month of Bristen being on his own. We have moved so many rooms around in not even 2 very short years. I think, we have finally got everything and and everyone situated. This weekend we are working on the yard, flower beds and playhouse. It’s so exciting!! Cleaning, organizing and making our home look spectacular is my love language. I pray you all have a blessed weekend.

About Us

My husband and I live on a ranch in a little community in Texas. We have 4 children Bristen 18, Braeden 17, Emma 9 and our youngest is 4. We are in the process of adopting our youngest so I will save her name for a later post. Bristen and Braeden are from my husbands first marriage. Luckily for me it didn’t work out!! Our anniversary (April 5 2008) is pretty much the best day of my life. Not only did I become a wife but a mother of 2 adorable little boys. Justin (my husband) didn’t want anymore kids but we agreed on just one. Ha, God is good isn’t he?!? Emma Grayce blessed us in 2009. You will hear A LOT about Emma. She is a mess! Little Miss came to us in 2017 it was accidentally on purpose. Meaning God had a plan and we were just taking a leap of Faith not knowing. Sometimes when God speaks to us we miss it. I knew, God wanted us to do something big that would change our family forever. Justin on the other hand thought I was CRAZY! Okay, I am but he loves my crazy. Little Miss came with 2 brothers that we love very dearly. But, Again God had a bigger plan. ( we will talk about details later on). In my blog ( I am so new at this) I am going to talk about different seasons of life. My main Goal is to hopefully inspire others!!